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The White Helmets
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Clarity of Signal
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Re: The White Helmets
Jun 19, 2017, 18:52
Thanks for your excellent research Howburn Digger. I saw the ping back from my site which was getting quite a few hits from here today. To correct the poster above who is challenging your links and mine without supplying any evidence of their own aside from that of the corrupt 60 Minutes media outlet, I wanted to add some additional evidence and correct the record.

1) I'm British born and a naturalized US citizen. Most of my life has been lived in the US and I am a former US Marine, 0341, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, 2nd Mar Div.

2)I started Clarity of Signal in January after having compiled a large amount of geopolitical information over the last 4 years and needing a place to keep it all for future reference. My initial investigative work was based on the war crimes of the Right Sector in Ukraine and then branched into Libya and Syria. I have numerous threads at my site where I have captured screen shots of White Helmets Facebook pages. One thread alone features over 100 terrorist related images and another thread features over 20 videos of them interacting directly with terrorists.

3) I have no affiliation with the Russian government. Nowadays, I am simply an antiwar musician who wanted to help reveal the truth about the war crimes of corrupt globalists and their vassals in government. My original music is up in the top right hand corner of my site so people can listen for themselves as to whether I am the what I profess to be. I have a feeling that Julian Cope fans will like what I do musically. I also have an introduction page at the site for those looking for more info on why I put Clarity of Signal together.

Here are some additional informative links for others who are looking into the White Helmets controversy and US/UK support for terrorists in Syria.




I also made a video that puts the whole puzzle together for people to understand what is really taking place. That link is here: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b5a_1490533325

And yes, that's my voice. I doubt we will ever see CBS's 60 Minutes digging this deep on these guys. After all CBS is part of the Deep State that is keeping the whole ruse afloat.
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