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The White Helmets
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Re: The White Helmets
Jun 19, 2017, 07:45
The White Helmets are a NGO which has strong affiliations with terrorist groups in Syria. The White Helmets is based in Turkey and it is primarily funded by the British Foreign Office and the State Dept of the USA and Wahhabist Arab States to the tune of over $150 Million. Their chief remit is to produce images for the US coalition and Western Govt Mass media outlets. They are a part of the proxy armies of "war-dogs", head-choppers and psycho-nutters the US, UK, Wahhabist Arab States and others have sent in to rain terror down in Syria. They are the "Media Front" in the War of Terror.

Their First Aid and medical practices have been decried by medics from Sweden, The UK, The USA who have watched with horror as they inject children (sometimes with Heroin) to have them die in front of the camera. Other footage shows these "rescuers" dragging children's bodies around (one memorable one by the foot). Other footage shows "distinctively facially featured" White Helmets (without their helmets) participating in brutal executions, crucifictions, beheadings etc. only to re-appear with their "White Helmets" on to remove the dead, tend to the dying or pose in mock horror beside corpses.

There are abundant examples of these actions by "The White Helmets" if anyone cares to look. I do not want to post links to the horror videos onto this site. Live Leak and Best Gore will sort out anyone who wishes to see the "White Helmets" in action. The little kid in the back of the lorry who was dragged from the hospital and beheaded was pretty "White Helmet-ish".

This might help


This Veterans Today piece is quite informative.


While the 21st Century Wire takes a more direct approach to what we are being spoon-fed.


It's a war. It is all about the triumph of the will.
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