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The dangers of deregulation
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Edited Jun 16, 2017, 06:08
Re: The dangers of deregulation
Jun 16, 2017, 05:45
I know a bit about the Building Research Establishment. That cladding will have been tested multiple times and found to be safe. I suspect that what will come out is that it had been applied in a non-standard and ultimately fatal way. Whether the blame for that lies with the BRE for not issuing adequate guidance and not anticipating what non-compliance could lead to, or the contractors for not following guidance or the regulatory authorities or the contractor's engineers for not picking up that the fixing method was non-compliant or the politicians for failing to adequately finance one of the areas of regulatory scrutiny I don't know.

However, my bet is that BRE will have been well aware of the danger of misapplying the cladding and will have replicated the results in a lab and will have issued caveats on the subject in huge red letters both at the time they approved the system and in subsequent updates based on other incidents elsewhere in the world. Which points the finger towards a failure further down the line. Was a section of cladding removed since it was applied in order to investigate if the fixing was correct? That would have been down to the Local Authority not the original contractors. It would be pretty typical Local Authority speak to say that check was an unexpected addition to the maintenance budget so had been allocated for actioning "in the next five years"

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