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The dangers of deregulation
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: The dangers of deregulation
Jun 15, 2017, 22:49
The arms length plausible deniability here has me reaching for the sick bucket. This renovation is indicative of how tendering and sub contracting works, with each link in the chain taking a chunk of the cash and delegating the work down the line to the cheapest bid, tender or supplier. And right down the line goes any oversight, regulation, or responsibility. At least that's what these shits were and are hoping.
NKTMO awarding of the renovation contract to Rydon begins the fiasco... Rydon then sold the project management over to a French Company called Artelia. Artelia (cost management specialists) then dispersed the various component parts of the renovation job out to a variety of companies who tossed their tenders into the ring. Some of these then sub-contracted again...
Artelia's mention of their involvement in the Grenfell renovation disappeared from their website yesterday evening.
The building services engineering firm Max Fordham were brought in as consultants and one of the things they recommended was to remove the "fire stopping" between floors in order to fit new heating pipework. References to this were not on Max Fordham's Website yesterday. Max Fordham would not make any comment yesterday.
Studio E was commissioned as the architect for the refurb but their website was not operational yesterday.
Rydon had engaged the services of Fan Systems (the UK branch of a German Ventilation Company called Witt and Sohn). They had contracted a UK company called JS Wright from Birmingham to work on the ventilation sytem (required to remove smoke from the building in the event of a fire)....
Harley Facades were brought in to fit the insulation. Harley Facades said it had bought the insulation material (burnt pieces of which are now littering the ground around Grenfell Tower) from Celotex a company based in Ipswich. Celotex said its thoughts were with those affected, adding that it would “assist with enquiries from the relevant authorities”.
Harley Facades were brought in to install the tower block’s Reynobond cladding. Harley said today through a spokesperson that it would “fully support and cooperate with the investigations into this fire” but added that it was “not aware of any link between the fire and the exterior cladding”. Reynobond PE is the aluminium panel used in the Grenfell Tower cladding and was designed by the multinational firm Arconic.
Arconic also makes a less flammable version of the Reynobond product called Reynobond FR, which stands for “fire resistant”.

Here's a wee helpful flow chart...


The 100 plus dead bodies will remain there at the scene of the crime until SOCOs have been through every flat and recorded the evidence.

These Corporate Criminals need something to focus their minds, something to bring things up in sharp relief, something to make them feel uncomfortable.

Labour then pisses on what should be a no-brainer.‘Everybody should take share of responsibility for tower fire’ says Labour’s housing secretary.

Dear God.

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