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The dangers of deregulation
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: The dangers of deregulation
Jun 15, 2017, 21:00
I dont think you'd find anyone disagreeing with George Monbiot's little essay on the forseeable dangers of post-Brexit dregulation. I think the problem most people have is that the "Post-Brexit de-regulation" hasn't happened yet. Grenfell Tower happened under existing British and EU Regulation. I, like many people of my generation, remember Summerland. The insane danger of fixing cladding coated in flammable plastics, foam, bitumen (or whatever petro-chemical by-product we care to name) to the outside of buildings was shown only too clearly. It was like watching 1973 all over again.

The clear Roman Candle effect of cladding a building in flammable petrochemical-based resin foam is there for all to see in the videos from Grenfell. It acts like a blow-torch to the interiors, setting of incendiary fires at an incredible rate, feeding on its own appetite. We don't need to wait two years for the heel-dragging public inquiry to find a toaster was at fault and an unknown vandal had disconnected an alarm or some horsehit like that. This has been known for at least 44 years since Summerland.

Nothing sharpens the guilty mind like a noose, a long prison sentence or a public mood for a harsh flogging. We know the NKTM Officers responsible for the safety of these buildings, we know the firm who fitted the cladding, we know what state the fire alarms were in, we know who signed off the work, we know the safety concerns, worries and serious complaints which were ignored. The Police should make some pre-emptive arrests and get them singing like canaries.
There were people paid BIG FAT salaries to make sure this did not happen. Public sector contracts paid out to the lowest bidder in the refurb. There are 100 plus dead people lying in that burnt out tower. The cops and the FB are not moving them. It is a crime scene. Let's remember that.

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