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Labour to win? Surely not...
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Re: Kensington
Jun 10, 2017, 07:28
Ha ha !!
The 2 brothers in 'smarms'....
Whatever else YOU call 'them', i call 'them' YOUR countrymen.
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Edited Jun 10, 2017, 07:42
Oh, and ....
Jun 10, 2017, 07:37
Nigeria’s Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2014 calls for prison sentences of up to 14 years for any Nigerian who enters into a same-sex marriage and up to 10 years to anyone who attends or assists in a same-sex wedding.

.... and the difference between the DUP and that is what? A smaller prison sentence, and that's about all.

Having attended my daughter's same sex wedding a few years ago - and knowing it was just about the most joyful occasion I've ever been at - you'll appreciate I'm resentful that Theresa has accepted DUP support.
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Re: Kensington
Jun 10, 2017, 07:39
It's a good point, it makes me laugh that the right are prepared to tolerate Christian extremism as long it serves their interests. If there's one certainty it's that religious fanaticism of all kinds has killed and will continue to kill a whole lot of people.

I've just been reading about how seriously messed up the political situation in Ireland is at the moment, May going into coalition with the DUP is going to destabilise it even further. The Good Friday agreement is in real danger here.
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Re: Oh, and ....
Jun 10, 2017, 07:41
Yes, their position is that homosexuality is a bigger sin than child abuse.
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Re: Labour to win? Surely not...
Jun 10, 2017, 08:03
Robot Emperor wrote:
Oh my head.

Sorry, but your wrong. This election was called to destroy the Labour party. The government has been liberally pissed on and they know it.

My teenage children are jubilant and say that this is shared by their friends. A Labour Party on a 50's style socialist manifesto has run the establishment to the wire. An interesting few years are in store.

I'll agree with you if there's another election soon and the Tories get voted out. Until then we are going to be claiming a moral victory for Corbyn but in effect continue to have tuition fees, private companies ripping off our national assets and squeezing the poor, ridiculous rents, school budget cuts and an NHS struggling to cope. The Labour Party had an opponent on the ropes struggling to stand up, the backing of the Remainders and people worried about the dementia tax, a massively increased youth vote and still the Tories managed to hold on to power.

What we need is the Scots to come back on side now that Indyref2 is dead in the water - that will change things for the UK as a whole. Either that or PR.

I can understand if people on the left are feeling happy that we made gains, but in reality until we can get Corbyn voted in to govt it's gonna be the same old establishment stitch up - food banks will continue to be a boom business, NHS chaos will get even worse and fat cats will have even greater expanding waistlines.

I don't want to be an honorable loser - this country desperately needs fixing asap.

Who cares if May gets replaced by Davis or Johnson? I couldn't care less.
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Re: Kensington
Jun 10, 2017, 08:16
"that the right are prepared to tolerate Christian extremism as long it serves their interests."

Of course, a big chunk of the right ARE Christian "extremists". A large number of Trump voters have been shown to have creationist beliefs.
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Re: Labour to win? Surely not...
Jun 10, 2017, 08:24
Monganaut wrote:
Still surprised how well the right did in Scotland, but it looks like independence might be on the back burner for a while.

If you look at the high % no scottish independence vote and the tory wins they match up, I wonder if the SNP had hung on for the indyfref2 and the election had come up whether the Tories would have done so well
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Re: Labour to win? Surely not...
Jun 10, 2017, 08:34
You're right of course that Labour didn't win, but I reckon the biggest winner goes beyond party politics - for me the big winner was hope. The Tory/Crosby campaign was based on smear and personal attacks, but little substance. Labour (in England anyway) barely mentioned May but focussed on policy and on what kind of society we want. It's quite likely that some of the Tory policies that go into the Queen's Speech will be changed to reflect the new balance in Westminster.

The exception to that positive campaigning was the disastrous Scottish Labour performance where Dugdale focused on the SNP. That badly backfired and ironically gave the Tories the seats they needed to cling on. Mind you, Dugdale may be satisfied with a result that lessens the prospect of IndyRef2 quite a lot. I think Sturgeon has also misjudged the mood in the months before the election was called, focussing too much on calls for another IndyRef while taking her eye off the domestic ball as FM.

I hope the biggest lesson politicians of all sides can take is to focus on policy, and on what kind of society we want live in. Labour didn't win, but I feel a sense of renewed hope that this country can be a kinder, fairer one.
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Re: Kensington
Jun 10, 2017, 08:52
If the Tories are that desperate to hang on to power that they'll get into bed with the DUP there's every chance of a big popular backlash from the policies that'll ensue, and a Labour win next time.. and the youth votell go nowhere else. Even in two years the demographic could swing even further JC s way dramatically: all the aware 16-17 year olds chomping at the bit..I think the country is on a cusp due to the change in the age demographic, and the beneficiary will n o t be the Tories.
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Re: Kensington
Jun 10, 2017, 09:11
Oh shit, Mr Humphreys to be edited out of all episodes of Are You Being Served.

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