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Oh dear...
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Re: Oh dear...
Jun 06, 2017, 18:53
dhajjieboy wrote:

You never did scare me.

Why would you be scared, this is an internet forum , described as 'the place for practical idealists, here to inform and inspire. A place for all you big dreamers, radical believers and humane revolutionaries to arm and affirm your righteous heart in the quest to overthrow power worship and the dollar culture' There is nothing here to be scared of, none of the posts will explode, quite why you seem incapable of reasoned debate is beyond me, why people keep responding to your petty digs and pathetic chain pulling is also very puzzling. Maybe if you climbed off your high horse and actually put in some kind of reasonable opposition and counter argument I could see some point. But you're not interested are you, trolling is your game and if it doesn't suit you you'll shut down the post, as long as you can think you're the big tough iconoclast putting the world to right then everythings OK.
What's that syndrome where you're too stupid to realise you're stupid, that's you that is.
I've decided to ignore you, goodbye, I hope everyone else does the same, you can shout into a big empty bucket happy to listen to the sound of your own stupid,ugly, petty, pointless, pompous, homourless and inane voice echoing forever .

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