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British cities bombed in the Blitz
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Re: British cities bombed in the Blitz
Jun 11, 2017, 19:47
Of course it wasn't just cities. Many industrial towns were targeted by the Germans. Clydebank was blitzed. 1,300 people died in the two nights of that blitz. 250 died in the Greenock Blitz. Many towns were hit across Southern Scotland as the German Bombers ditched their remaining bomb loads as they were chased by the RAF from Prestwick. One bomb landed in Biggar close by the War Memorial and lay unexploded (I have read the air raid wardens notebook!). The fields and hillsides above Old Kilpatrick, Mountblow and Duntocher still bear the scars today in the form of bomb craters. When I worked in Clydebank in the late 1980's there were still streets and areas which hadn't been rebuilt.
Edinburgh and Glasgow both still have "gaps" in streets of victorian flats where bombs took the buildings and people out. Some of the gapsites still have the massive props used to brace the surviving buildings on either side.
Montrose and Fraserburgh were very badly hit too. Unbelievably Fraserburgh was the second most bombed place in Britain after London.
The last Scottish casualty from a German bombing raid in Scotland was Mrs MacGregor in Fraserburgh. The Hun had just bombed Aberdeen and killed 125 people and were dropping their left-over bombs on their way back over Fraserburgh (as usual) and one dislodged a slate on Mrs MacGregor's roof and it hit her on the head. That was on April 21st 1943.
Mrs MacGregor survived!
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