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British cities bombed in the Blitz
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Re: British cities bombed in the Blitz
Jun 06, 2017, 20:15
Much to agree with here Sin. I don't really agree with "embracing the fear", but I am with you completely on the need to look at what is happening elsewhere, how we are part of that, and to share some compassion for people in places that have become unimaginable hell-holes where once there was civilisation and culture. The idea that we can only feel horror for people killed or injured here, while tacitly allowing our leaders to kill, injure and make homeless hundreds or thousands of civilians in other countries is deplorable to me.

I think you're also right to acknowledge the psychological issues of the saps doing the blowing themselves up - not to excuse in any way what they have done, but we cannot hope to stop this if we aren't prepared to look at the causes.

Our collective head in the sand (pun intended) attitude to world affairs and our leaders' foreign policy should be pushed out into the open and considered objectively. Exploring cause and effect is not apologising or excusing, but it might get us on the road to stopping. More tanks and bombs sure isn't working.
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