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do you support bastards or twats
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Re: do you support bastards or twats
Jun 05, 2017, 13:27
drewbhoy wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
tjj wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
Every word a gem. The stuff about Paxman and kitten killing was inspired - the slaverers in the audience, (front row central and fat) would have stabbed it and been glad of the chance.

As someone who lives near Clutter's Cave I can confirm it's Maylike qualities. However, she's Prime Minister so I mustn't show disrespect - that's how we must all act under Sanctuarian nonmocracy, see, so I'll simply leave you with this: according to one psychologist every time she makes that grimace she's about to lie. It's a "tell". Watch out for it in future. It works.

Is this an attempt to keep the Tories in power? .

Probably. Corbyn may have just woken up to the fact that the day after the election he may be our next PM and is now messing his pants at the thought of having to negotiate Brexit and fulfil all his point scoring promises with his motley crew, half of which can't stand him and want him out!!

Don't worry Roy, Stewart Lee summed up the politics south of the border very well. Up here many of us view, quite correctly, Corbyn and May as the same thing. Rennie, Dugdale and Davidson, the Unholy Tripe!!!

I hold you in very high regard Drew and there is no 'but'. Having recently come back from north of the border I now 'get' a lot of what you are saying. Coming back felt like returning to the Crowded South. We did have a conversation outside the Kilmartin Museum cafe with a forthright woman who had recently retired from a career in education. She chided me for saying I would happy to see Scotland get Independence as it does feel like a separate country. According to her there is a silent majority who want to stay in the UK. Time will tell.
All the best

I've spent quite a bit of time in Scotland as well June as far as Orkney but, mainly on holidays over the years and love the place, especially the Highlands and the people. I also have had plenty of conversations with hotel managers and staff, loads of farmers and sheepdog trialling folk and have never heard any of them have a problem with us down south that necessitated their Independence from us.

Cheers Tjj. Fair play to the person you met and as you say time will tell. Sadly the Labour Party in Scotland are being run realistically by the Tories.

As you well know Roy most people up here have no problems with people regardless of nationality, we don't want independence from fair minded people, the shambles of Westminster is the problem. Orkney isn't very far from anywhere btw.

Ha, Westminster has always been a shambles Drew no matter who's in charge and will carry on being so. We do it so well :-)

Orkney feels a million miles away when you are on the ferry chucking up in rough seas LOL

So you agree Scotland would be better run in Edinburgh. Good :-)

I'll agree their whisky is better :-)

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