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Thank you to London police
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Re: Thank you to London police
Jun 05, 2017, 15:14
Locodogz wrote:
In the nicest possible way, Sanctuary, statistically you are waaaayyy more likely to twist your ankle on Bodmin Moor!?!?

....and long may it stay that way!

Oh I've done worse than that on Bodmin Moor - like being chased across a large very boggy area beneath Louden Hill on the way back to Fernacre stone circle by a cow that had 'hidden' her calf across the other side. I'd passed her on the way down and I just happened to be carefully making my way across the bog when I heard her getting up a head of steam behind me. I had nowhere to go so she just flattened me. I got up and tried to run for it but my walking boots just wouldn't come out of the peaty bog fast enough and she kept on having ago at me. By pure chance the way I was trying to escape to was away from her calf that I only saw when she ran off to be with it. It was only when I got back to my car which I'd had permission to drive up to the circle in (private track) that I realised how bad my ankles were as I had one hell of a job to get my boots off they were so swollen because of all the twisting and turning I'd been doing in a panic to get my boots out of the boggy ground!
Embarrassingly, I had to walk about in slippers for a whole week after that!!

I was there again just two weeks ago with some of my voluntary clearance team checking out the circle and its two neighbouring circles Louden and Stannon to see if they needed work doing. They do, so once all permissions have been gained we'll set about doing it. Fantastic landscape to work in. So lucky.
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