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Trump screws planet, but....
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Edited Jun 02, 2017, 22:00
Re: Trump screws planet, but....
Jun 02, 2017, 21:32
tjj wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
As much as i dislike Mr. Trump, as usual, your smug is showing.
It would be so easy to flippantly 'blame' the USA or its current transitory leadership for the global climate/greenhouse gases that currently threaten all life on this planet.
But any honest look at the real root causes will come down to one incontrovertible fact....
Nearly 8 BILLION of us now....with no end in sight of rampant populace increase.
I'd note that the USA represents at most, 350 million of that number...but would it matter?
With at least half the arctic ice pack melted off in just the last 40 years, i'm pretty sure it won't be trump's particular fault, come what may.
But yeah, i get it....
It's the USA's fault....not 'our' fault.

You are incorrect to call Nigel smug and I say that as someone who has had run-ins with him in the past (albeit a fading memory). Like him or not, he is a warrior on behalf of heritage and conservation at all levels.

I am at age when I have to look at my own carbon footprint as have spent years saying we should look at our own actions first. 'Smug alert' coming up ... I've never owned a car (although willing to be driven when the need arises) and yes, public transport is inconvenient at times. I rarely, though do occasionally, travel by plane - having made a conscious choice to explore the farthest flung reaches of the British Isles first (for many years I couldn't afford holidays - or vacations as you would call them). I've never owned a dishwasher or clothes drier and for several years now have declined hairdressers urgings to dye my hair because I care about what goes into the water table.

I'm not suggesting everyone in the United States should stop driving cars - but should be looking for real alternatives to fossil fuel. As should Europe, India, China and the countries of the southern hemisphere. Mr Trump is out of step with the rest of the world in a BIG way.

Teresa May is also out of step by not signing the letter of condemnation signed by 200 other countries - for fear of losing future trade deals. She is rapidly becoming a despised person in her own country. And Jeremy Corbyn the voice of Integrity.

It is smug for anyone these days to lay the current global warming on any one country or interim leader. {especially for cheap point scoring during the run-up to an election}
Were ALL responsible for it as a species...i knew that since at least the 1970's.
"Trump screws planet".....not hardly....its all been along time coming.
I too, am an advocate and financial supporter of wildlife thru my entire life...
My entire career contributes to the preservation and continuance of life.
Countless lives have been extended thru treatments for their respective cancers on systems that i have personally had a hand in servicing...
I sure am doing 'what the hell can be done'.....so no need to try 'trumping' one another with eco/conservation/historical-'warrior' status...

I am certain of 1 thing only...its not going to be any of the things that you do as an individual at this point. Its man-kind as a totality that must be addressed immediately. I have the privilege to set at the table surrounded by very learned minds on a regular basis....primarily physicists and M.D.s, whenever the subject has come up at the lunch table, its almost always the same lowest common denominator....way too many people. By at least 5 Billion now in all likelihood.

In all seriousness, i ask you....how the fuck are 'WE' going to fix that?
Because that is ultimately the only answer that even begins to address where we ALL stand at this precipitous time in OUR collective history.

I guarantee that finger pointing won't do one damn thing.

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