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Trump screws planet, but....
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Re: Trump screws planet, but....
Jun 02, 2017, 14:18
As much as i dislike Mr. Trump, as usual, your smug is showing.
It would be so easy to flippantly 'blame' the USA or its current transitory leadership for the global climate/greenhouse gases that currently threaten all life on this planet.
But any honest look at the real root causes will come down to one incontrovertible fact....
Nearly 8 BILLION of us now....with no end in sight of rampant populace increase.
I'd note that the USA represents at most, 350 million of that number...but would it matter?
With at least half the arctic ice pack melted off in just the last 40 years, i'm pretty sure it won't be trump's particular fault, come what may.
But yeah, i get it....
It's the USA's fault....not 'our' fault.

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