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Ivory Trade Ban
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Evergreen Dazed
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Re: Ivory Trade - no total ban
Jun 03, 2017, 23:12
thesweetcheat wrote:
I'll be voting for hope not fear.

And this is the point. I've been accused of being both an 'idealist' and 'dreamer' in the last few days, simply because I believe a change in attitude is really what its about.
It is about hope, letting people see and feel that their existence means something, empowerment and self respect, that the people around them are decent too, that their most noble ideas are reflected by the government and society at large. I'd like young voters to realise the potential they have. It doesn't have to be like this, it's not naive to want a fairer society, to want peace, to want to look after the old, sick, the mentally ill, its not 'dreaming' to make sure nurses receive a decent salary, to look after the NHS, to consider fox hunting barbaric, to not want to kill millions of people with nuclear weapons. The frothing, aggressive tories in the question time audience wanted Corbyn to casually say he was quite happy to kill millions of people. Is this what it has come to? It has all gone too far, it has to stop, we truly cannot go on like this.
Of course the human condition is not all sweetness and light, but let us appeal to our higher thoughts. Lets do what we know to be right, lets ask the very wealthy to contribute more. It's simple and fair. Lets encourage anybody from any background into higher education without the fear of tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt. It's attitudes which need to change.
Why is it 'dreaming' to care? I won't be dismissed as a dreamer, i'll be using my vote to try to change things for the better. It may not be easy and it may take some time but you have to be at least on the right path, heading in the right direction.
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