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Brexit and the Environment: "a huge risk"
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Re: Brexit and the Environment: "a huge risk"
May 25, 2017, 10:40
nigelswift wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa
Would you like me to send you an estate agents houses for sale list in France as you will obviously be shipping out so that you can remain in Europe!

That taunt, like so much you say, is based on shallow thinking. FYI I am of an age that has meant I've been part of the lucky generation and will be fine, whatever Brexit brings. My concern is for young people, who won't be.

So should yours be, and in particular in your home county Cornwall - the most deprived English county and the second most deprived region of Northern Europe. Your (presumed) expectation that the Tories will step in to shield it and it's young people from the imminent loss of European funding is really rather sad, especially given your raucous "We won, get over it" dialogue.
Cornwall's young people didn't win.

You are such a depressing person who always sees no future in anything that suits you at the time. I'm not like that as life never runs smooth 24/7 and I understand that but you don't. Sometimes you have to have patience dear boy...Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will Brexit as all sensible people understand except you Remoaners that is. Feel free to keep preaching to the converted though if it fills your day as I'm not interested. I will be supporting my country while you are still finding ways to bring it down by scouring all the daily rags and fake news on the Internet to get the slightest whiff of a way of spreading your poison further. Time to give it a rest I think.

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