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Our fantastic emergency services
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Our fantastic emergency services
May 27, 2017, 12:00
carol27 wrote:
Manchester Arena...
And the Trump contribution..they're not monsters, they're losers. Well, thanks for that.

Losers like losers in a race? Losers in a card game? Losers like... a sad "loser"?
Many people think this was a monstrous act of barbarism. The first thing that entered my head was not "loser". That is so textspeak, LOL, emogicon pish.

Could they be monsters AND losers. Like monstrous losers?

Does it matter what slag-off name different people use to describe the murderer.

Would Ian Brady be called a "loser"? Is it fitting? Does it serve those who were murdered coldly?
By all means slag off Donald Trump but don't use the dead of Manchester and Scotland to do so.

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