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Brexit and the UK food industry.
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Edited May 23, 2017, 20:41
Re: Brexit and the UK food industry.
May 23, 2017, 20:40
Let's hope the skewed "free EU market" which means that dairy and cheese production can be completely shut down or regularly threatened with complete shut down on Scottish Islands like Bute, Arran and Islay will end with Brexit. Perhaps then it will no longer be cheaper to drive and ship milk and cheddar into England, Wales and Scotland from Poland and other far-flung EU countries. Simply sharpening the end of the pointy stick used to drive the "free EU market" cannot be the way forward for jobs in farming and agriculture of the UK - either for consumers, employees or livestock.



This Grauniad article presents a good overview of what has happened to the UK Dairy Industry under EU and Supermarket/ FirstMilk stewardship over the last 20 years. This is worth a read. The raw milk story of Mr Hook is very compelling for those who think that Brexit and an escape from "free EU market" regulation means a loss of jobs.


The way ahead just might NOT be indoor dairy herds of 5,000 kept in huge sheds all their lives so that EU lovers can enjoy milk a penny cheaper each year from cows that (each) have an average of 11,500 litres of milk squeezed out of them in a year in the shed. That kind of "free EU market" vision of farming and agriculture is only heading one way. Ooops! Oh yeah... that kind of "free EU market" has already reached its destination in the UK.

I can drive for twenty miles in fields of pasture round these parts and not see a single dairy herd. Grim.
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