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phallus dei
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Edited May 11, 2017, 18:19
May 11, 2017, 18:14
I don't know, to me, the whole "Russian influence" angle is much ado about nothing. As the article states (and you point out), there's "no proof yet but we're connecting the dots." So far, what has come out is that Russia paid various members of the Trump team speaking fees, held discussions, etc, to gain "influence." So what? That's what foreign governments do to try to sway politicians in the American system. Besides giving money to Trump, Russia also gave money to various Democrats -

And members of the Trump team, in addition to taking money from Russia, took money from other countries, such as Turkey -

It's the way the system works. (My disgust over the such a system is partly why I found Trump's slogan to "drain the swamp" so appealing)

There seems to be a popular belief, or, more precisely, the MSM is pushing a narrative that it hopes will then become a popular belief - that it is somehow bad to take money from Russia in any case. But why, exactly? Is Russia worse than Saudi Arabia?

Considering that foreign governments "donate" to American politicians all the time (and of course, America does the same), I don't see what is particularly novel about the extent of Trump-Russian ties. Instead, the Russia probe just seems like a typical with hunt conducted by an opposition party. (Similar to when the Republicans and Ken Starr went after Bill Clinton in the 90s)

And like I said previously, I would think that greater American-Russian ties would be something that most people want, considering the possible consequences otherwise. Indeed, better ties with Russia was the main reason why I voted for Trump.

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