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phallus dei
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Re: Chechnya......
Apr 16, 2017, 20:09
dhajjieboy wrote:
lately,{at least i seem to think so...}this particular forum seems to have been conscripted for personal agenda.
I'm sure at least 2 of you know who you are...

And so, to express further concern in the world's goings on, i feel it somewhat worthy of mention about the current situation that has developed in Chechnya.
Apparently, sanctioned rounding up of Homosexual men into Internment/concentration camps is currently the order of the day, where as reports have it, they are being subjected to beatings, torture, and execution...
Furthermore, as i understand it, they are forcing these unfortunates to exile as their only choice.
There are a lot of reports about this that i could link to, however, there are as of late a couple of nasty cunts that would seek to throw anything i post about this tragic circumstance into dispute by posting obviously rightwing/marxist, propaganda that supposedly 'Trump's' the "main stream media" reports....
And so,
i do implore those who care about this situation to seek the 'truth' in your own manner.
Happy Easter.

I'm curious to know what relation Chechnya has in your mind to Duterte and Syria, which are the previous topics of yours where I disagreed with you. You label me as one of the "nasty cunts" who "seek to throw anything I post about this tragic circumstance into dispute", but I've never even addressed Chechnya before, and I don't see how this particular topic (Chechnya) is related to other things that have recently been posted. You seem to be attempting to use the example of Chechnya against me (and Digger), but as usual with your posts, I fail to see the logic behind your accusations.

For the record, I think that persecution of innocent people is reprehensible. And I uphold your closing suggestion to take an active role in the investigation of political matters, subjecting whatever information one receives to rigorous critique. My "personal agenda" in posting on U-Know!, which you somehow find nefarious, is to promote those two points.
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