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Damn it.
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Damn it.
Mar 17, 2017, 18:52
tjj wrote:
Howburn Digger wrote:

From the hoisting of the Red Flag in George Square in 1919 just before the British Govt sent the tanks in against its own people... to the flying of the Palestinian Flag over George Square... George Square has seen many flags hoisted. Long may it continue.

Very eloquent HD. I'm not getting drawn into Scottish Independence arguments but want to say something I've been struggling to articulate for a while. Have just watched Ken Loach's "I, Daniel Blake" - set in Newcastle, not a million miles from the Scottish border. I don't get how being the other side of the border in England suddenly makes people not worth thinking about - almost the enemy. Because that is how you make us feel - to be English means we are 'petty little people' dancing to the tune of our Westminster masters. When really most of us are just like you. I believe in Socialism; a decent standard of health, welfare and education for everyone in the UK. It will never happen while we have a Tory Government continually feathering the nests of bankers and big business. Would you not consider standing together with us Scotland, your baffled and bewildered neighbours - to make things fairer, better for all.

I think I know your answer.

Sorry. The discussion isn't about people living just over the border in Newcastle. They live in Eng;land not Scotland. I don't look on any English people as "the enemy". Lordy! It is just that they don't live in this country. Our respective countries have been part of a Union for a couple of centuries. It hasn't worked for Scotland for forty years and Scotland has voiced its discontent about it.
I (HD) certainly don't make you feel like 'petty little people' dancing to the tune of your Westminster masters. If you feel that way you should maybe do something about it.
I'm glad you believe in Socialism and health, welfare and education for everyone in the UK. Scotland has always voted that way. It did nothing for us and Westminster saw to that.
Scotland isn't going anywhere. It is staying right where it is. If the Scottish People vote for Independence - so be it. If not - then so be it.

Maybe you should ask the Scottish People to consider "standing together with us, your baffled and bewildered neighbours - to make things fairer, better for all."

I cannot speak for the Scottish People. Sorry if this reply disappoints you but whatever answer you think you were going to get...
tjj wrote:
I think I know your answer.
Well I don't have one for you. You seem to be looking for a Socialist Government in Westminster sometime in the future and hope to get the Scottish People to jump on your dreamboat and wait until it happens. Ask them. Can you imagine their answer?
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