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Damn it.
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Damn it.
Mar 15, 2017, 20:03
thispoison wrote:

IndyRef#1 was a great time to live in Scotland. It woke up and politicised a mass of people who had never really cared to exercise their vote before. On both sides.
It destroyed a Scottish Labour who had utterly failed the people of Scotland since the dawn of the Thatcher-era. And drove the contemptible Scottish Conservatives to become the "No Surrender" party in a failed attempt to "Ulster-ise" Scotland. Bigotry proving to be the real last refuge of the Scoundrel. And it showed up the BBC and entire British media for the lying sacks of shit they actually are.
It did leave some unfinished business though, which will be concluded with a positive vote for Independence in around eighteen months.

@thispoison - That is quite lovely! I love it! Indyref was a brilliant time. I loved it all. I can only add that the lying sack of pus David Smug Cameron slipped the cherry on the cake (or should it be the turd onto the porridge) by calling the EU Referendum afterwards. The joyous, glorious, beautiful irony of the twisted bluff is not missed by anyone North of The Wall. Cameron (who actually loved the EU with its cheap labour, free corporate operations, free trade etc) called the bluff and lost - spectacularly. But here... in the North... (beyond the grapeline...) we fudgepacked Cameron on the exact issue he tried to Project Fear us with in the first place ("if Scotland votes for Independence then it will be out of the EU"). So Scotland doesn't vote to leave the EU and now we're going to have another vote on Independence. You were putting out fire with gasoline Mr Cameron... Mr Cameron? Mr Cameron? Where did that Mr Cameron disappear to? He's gone away? Oh well... oh dear - how sad - never mind.

From the hoisting of the Red Flag in George Square in 1919 just before the British Govt sent the tanks in against its own people... to the flying of the Palestinian Flag over George Square... George Square has seen many flags hoisted. Long may it continue.

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