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Damn it.
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Edited Mar 15, 2017, 09:05
Re: Damn it.
Mar 15, 2017, 09:04
thesweetcheat wrote:
sanshee wrote:
It divided us sorely up here and sorry but unless you were in the middle of it you are not qualified to talk.
Theorize away though, it's a free country.

I think those of us living in England and Wales who were part of the 48% who have spent the last 9 months being told to shut up have pretty good experience of a divided country. I'm with Capt. S and I think that if you have the opportunity to break away from the poison of Westminster and the arrogance of Little England you should grasp it with both hands. Just don't pull up the drawbridge afterwards as my country is intent on doing.

There was no division as such here certainly none witnessed by any of my friends who come from different parts of these isles. Most of my relatives stay in Glasgow and the only intimidation they saw was gangs of pro Union thugs at polling stations. Good debate was had and that is surely a good thing. The only division shown was the Vote No allies the Orange Order marching up and down in there thousands in Edinburgh, fierce scare mongering from Dugdale and Davidson, the NF campaigning along with Unionists and the attack on Vote Yes/CND supporters in George Square. Also surely there is nothing wrong with the flying of the Scottish flag, jeez it happens every day.

We were told and many believed that Scotland would stay in the EU if the electorate Voted No. That always was and has been proved to be a complete lie hence the need for a referendrum. Bring it on peacefully and everybody is most welcome :-)
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