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Captain Starlet
Captain Starlet
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Feb 21, 2017, 20:42
thesweetcheat wrote:
Yep, and although it saddens me I would not blame Scotland one bit for deciding they've had enough of Westminster.

As for the potential nightmare that the renewal of a hard border would bring to Northern Ireland, it hardly bears thinking about.

I'm not so sure (although you'll know better) how the loudly calls for a Wales IndyRef are being made, I've not heard much - even from Plaid really. But Wales is potentially in a mess if the Tories won't match the existing EU funding, as I've said to dhajjieboy here: http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/forum/?thread=75828&message=948989

I totally agree with that. Yeah Plaid are being silent about it at the moment, I think they're more focusing on trying to keep things (people) together in Wales after we leave the EU, the movements are run by groups like Yes Cymru and a number of other groups, but as far as anything official there's very little apart from the odd comment here and there.


I really do hope Scotland get another vote, the reasons they were convinced to stay have been totally betrayed and they deserve their say now. The situation in NI isn't one I'm even wanting to think about, it's going to be a mess. On a personal level I would like to see the country united as one and within the EU if they so wish, same as Scotland.

I was reading something a while ago about the idea of Wales, Scotland and NI joining together to kick England out of the union. It was a satirical piece (I think) but it's something I've been hearing a fair bit more from from a number of people now
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