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Feb 19, 2017, 21:41
I don't really see or agree with that argument. The other EU countries have been forced into this negotiation in the first place by the UK's decision. If we were worried about seeming arrogant, putting them to trouble and expense or upsetting our EU neighbours, maybe we shouldn't have held a referendum or voted leave!

According to May it's her way or no way anyway, which doesn't exactly come across as someone wanting to be accommodating or considerate of other EU countries. Or of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who she will not give a say to at all. Especially Northern Ireland, who voted to remain by a majority that was several percentage points bigger than the much-touted "overwhelming majority" that May and Farage claim for the Leave vote as a whole. Northern Ireland, who will be the most adversely affected of all of us by a hard Brexit and the resumption of a hard border. But you'd be happy to potentially tear up the Good Friday agreement as part of the outcomes of the Brexit deal, as long as we don't appear arrogant or inconsiderate?
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