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phallus dei
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Feb 18, 2017, 17:15
Sin Agog wrote:
Was looking through a book of Andre Breton art yesterday and thought those dada cats are onto something. All these peoples arguing are following a linear attack/response/attack/response thread. You killed my uncle, I'll kill your aunt. The dadas were more like: you killed my uncle, I'll deface a photo of Sir Isaac Newton's head to look like a crow. You can't respond to that. The war is over before it even started. Even if you're pumped up full of passion on this stuff, sometimes it's best to just break the thread. Could see where this was headed, and what's the point?

Dada was a specific historical response to the horrors of WWI. So as to call into question the "logic" of the elites which led Western "civilization" to near-destruction, Dadaists deliberately framed their dialogue in non-logical, absurdist ways.

Although our society is certainly in bad shape, we're not yet at a cataclysm. I still have hope that logical, well-reasoned debate can save us (or at least delay our self-destruction). To me, resorting to Dada at present is premature. I find the growing trend to not debate at all, or to "respond" to a debate with a nonsensical, irrelevant comment, extremely troubling.

Perhaps after the neo-cons/neo-liberals lead us into an unnecessary war with Russia, the few of us who survive can engage in Dada then.
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