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Week 1 in the White House
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Re: Week 1 in the White House
Jan 28, 2017, 15:54
Rhiannon wrote:
"Donald also tossed the ObamaCare horseshit. Good. It benefitted no-one but the Mega-Healthcare-Industry and Insurance Corporations who take govt and individuals money then find endless loopholes to NOT provide."

I was under the impression it was benefitting poor people who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford treatment if they got ill?

Obamacare has been an ENORMOUS boon to America's 99%, I can name over a dozen families that would have been uninsured without it. A perplexing number of its opponents are actually on it, under the official name "ACA" without realizing it. ACA is still fucked up, but far superior to the previous scenario which left the most vulnerable citizens essentially without any kind of healthcare unless they were interested in literal bankruptcy as a pricepoint.

Yep, America is deeply, deeply fucked, many of our residents are tragically under-educated and have painfully little knowledge of the outside world (and education funds are being slashed left and right, go figure), intellectualism that has taken thousands of years to build up is being disregarded, media manipulation is on a mind-bending atrocious march, and our government, horrifically flawed as it already was, is now occupied by textbook fascists. You can probably make any criticism you'd like of America and be correct, but do please know that that average buffoon you are seeing in your visions, while accurate, is not the complete picture. There are a whole lot of forward-thinking motherfuckers here, too, and we're pissed as hell, and we're going to go down fighting.
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