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Week 1 in the White House
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phallus dei
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Edited Jan 28, 2017, 15:25
Re: Week 1 in the White House
Jan 28, 2017, 15:24
Howburn Digger wrote:

He hasn't started any major wars. Hillary and Obama lovingly and quietly ran the longest war in US history and started and sponsored many more. Wars of aggression which clearly break International Treaties. The slime of their years shall reek for 100 years.

Great points, HD. As someone who identifies with the left, I've been constantly befuddled these past years how so many "leftists" can support Obama / Hilary, despite their foreign policies being no better (and perhaps even worse) than Bush. Back in the '60s, American leftists were not fooled by this "we've got a Democrat in the White House so we've got to support him" bullshit. They rose in the streets by the hundreds of thousands against Johnson. True progressives are able to tell the difference between the greater and lesser evil. And clearly, destabilizing entire nations in an illegal fashion is much worse than bragging to a guy in private about how much pussy you get.

Sadly, the dead-end of identity politics has so decimated the Western left that I doubt there will be a resurgent anti-imperialist movement any time soon. More likely is that there will be yet another American-sponsored color revolution, this time of the "pink" variety, and ironically on US soil.
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