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Will Holywood protest this one?
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Re: Will Holywood protest this one?
Jan 23, 2017, 18:36
Locodogz wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Locodogz wrote:
"Become a billionaire"?!?

Isn't his net worth now marginally less than if he'd simply taken his inheritance and put into safe government bonds? Or is that fake news?!*

If so it's like congratulating the queen becoming wealthy....

*genuine question, just to clear, but I thought I heard that somewhere in all the election preamble


Hi Sanctuary

Thanks for this but I think you 'misread' me. I'm not disputing that Trump is a billionaire but I though I heard somewhere in all the election rhetoric that if he'd simply 'banked' his inheritance he'd be richer today (said as a rebuttal of his claimed business acumen?). Couldn't see anything in the Forbes piece about this?

Hi Locodogz

His wealth, or lack of it is neither here or there really I was just making a point that he isn't a stupid man. I just find it funny that all the media trash being dished out by his supporters or otherwise has got everyone going. This is Brexit all over again where the 'losers' are going into overdrive with hatred without even giving the guy the decency of a honeymoon period to show us how good a President he could actually be in time. The majority here are acting like a lynch mob. Personally I hope (like you all should) that he does a brilliant job and proves everyone wrong.
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