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Will Holywood protest this one?
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Edited Jan 22, 2017, 14:10
Re: Will Holywood protest this one?
Jan 22, 2017, 13:46
dhajjieboy wrote:

More to the point....
He was about to be convicted and sentenced for this charge nearly 40 years ago here in the states.
He fled to France and other European countries for safe harbor...
And found it there too...
Sorry Sanshee...says more about European sensibilities than Hollywood ones.
Nice try though....{the 'American' angle thingy...}
I've no love for Polanski either though...if it matters.
I do think though, that their are an awful lot of other musicians and artists from that era that were probably much worse in the same dept...and got a pass...
I'd dare say, many beloved old rockers that are regularly championed on this site.
It's a damn sticky wicket.

What 'American Angle' thingy?
Do you think *Hollywood is America*, therefor having a pop at Hollywood MUST mean...
I feel sorry for you if you think so, your country has produced far greater stuff than that!
Any system that harbours this lowlife is as scummy as anyone who defends him.
You think I am saying 'America sucks Europe rules'?
You are wrong, FWIW I voted to leave the EU.
Does that feel better?
I know we are all tetchy right now but please try to grasp a bit of perspective.
There were world wide marches yesterday, we all know who it was about, we all know what is was about.
Even though some of the banners and posters went off-message, as is usual in protests.
Meryl Sreep, having a go (rightly)at Trump's comments, is well documented in supporting Polanski, even suggesting a grown man having sex with a 13 year old girl has some grey areas about it.
As have many others.
Fairly recently too.
Compartmentalised 'outrage' at its peak.
EDIT: Worth saying, yes, some 'on this site' will be listening to musicians whose sexual shenanigans they force themselves to forgo for the sake of enjoying the music they make.
But no one here is in a position to condescend to the masses, having their moral outrage cake and eating it, we're just punters, they are the 'elite'.
That's all.
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