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sucker punching.....
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Re: sucker punching.....
Jan 22, 2017, 13:33
Please don't think for a second that i condone any 'white supremacy' rantings from some arrogant fuck-wad.....
I don't get worked up too much about those 'types' here in the U.S. because quite frankly they are all pretty much 'mouth'.
If their push were to come to shove, the African American populace here is very capable of pushing back to a far more formidable degree.
In fact, were it to come down to a race war, instigated by these militia/hate/supremacy group{s}....i have zero doubt that it would be short lived and a total routing. A total Custer redux.
Hate crimes are a crime here too. So is incitement to riot. So is conspiracy....
We have plenty of checks and balances to keep the dogs at bay too.

To the original point though...going around provoking a public incident with cowardly physical violence just redacts the upper hand that the 'left' desperately needs to live up to.
So far only Gandhi has gotten it right.

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