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Russell Brand Talks Sense! Obama Vs Trump - Is Personality More Important Than Principle?
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Re: Russell Brand Talks Sense! Obama Vs Trump - Is Personality More Important Than Principle?
Jan 20, 2017, 14:23
Russell Brand....
at best a malcontent, at worst an abysmal misogynist.
I mean sure, have at it with the finger pointing, but whats the viable alternatives/solutions?
You won't find or get the big solutions from Russell.
Even Noam Chomskey chokes on where the hell to go or what to do with a seething mass of completely{and hopelessly} faction-ed humanity @ the 7-8 billion populace figure....
7-8 Billion self-centered extinction machines, that left to their own devices would gleefully live out the pages of 'Lord of the flies'.
It is totally necessary that some governing entity try and keep the world we all share from tanking into total chaos.
It's not possible to shoulder this Herculean task without breaking some eggs or running afoul of some delicate sensibilities.
The real{and i dare say..'ultimate'...} solution to the big problems we all face is in reduction.
It's the lowest common denominator to every issue.
There is not a single leader or savoir machine anywhere near in sight, or the future, with the answers that truly need addressing.
And thus...we are left with an ever changing succession of stumbling child kings that can only hope to maintain the current equilibrium that we all currently enjoy...or not....whilst desperately hoping not to rock the boat too much.
Mean time though, i'll be keeping appraised of things as they are from slightly higher forms of life than one Mr. Brand.
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