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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning
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Popel Vooje
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Edited Jan 19, 2017, 14:08
Re: dhajjieboy: coward and pussy!
Jan 19, 2017, 14:07
Lawrence wrote:
9. Eric Clapton. They should really create a new word -- one slightly more damning than “asshole” -- for Eric Clapton. Clapton was in lots of bands, including two of the most indispensable to rock history, The Yardbirds and Cream.

I don't really wish to become embroiled in the feud between you and dhajjieboy, but whilst we're on the subject of Clapton I'd be willing to stick my neck out even further and say that Cream were a bunch of pompous, stuffy muso bores, and easily the most over-rated band in rock history. If we're talking power trios I'd take the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Blue Cheer or even Speed Glue and Shinki over cream any day.

Not only that, Ginger Baker is the most pointlessly sour, ungracious, punchable fuckwit ever to disgrace a stage with his presence - enough so even to outflank the likes of Mike Love, Lou Reed or Clapton himself. What's more, if I were to encounter him in person I'd have no problem saying that to his face. The advantage of using a drum machine instead of someone like him is that with a drum machine you only have to punch the required information in once.
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