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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning
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Edited Jan 18, 2017, 21:23
Re: Obama commutes Chelsea Manning
Jan 18, 2017, 21:06
Whilst i respect your point of view...
as usual...i am un-swayed.
The world is far more complex than feel good sentiment.
I did'nt create that, but i do have to live in the reality of it.
There are inscrutable forces in this world that would have it's way unchecked without the available resources afforded by technology and far more informed minds than i'll find here-abouts.
I know for a fact that things are far less 'random' or "haphazardly" than you seem to think.
It's from the very smallest pockets and quadrants that the worst chaos is bred, and it always beats a cowardly retreat into it's own civilian midst.
I for one, am comforted by the fact that 'they' need to run scared.
I have nothing to fear in my daily travels from 'the man'...
It's the lone wolves and their faith based ideologies that i rightly have need to worry about these days.
I also know that the world ain't ever gonna be perfect either...
There is gonna have to be a fuck-load of sacrifices across the board before any progress will be made.
As for me, i have no interest in living in the stone age or stoning others.
Hope you find the world you believe in, i haven't.
Edit: another aka:, apparently is "raghead" now....
perhaps i should just change my name to a combination of the two...
"pussyhead" or "ragboy"....hmmmm....{scratches chin quizzically...}
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