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Musicians Wanted For A Gig - 01/20/17
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Re: Musicians Wanted For A Gig - 01/20/17
Jan 17, 2017, 20:35
dhajjieboy wrote:
Yeah...i know...
i'm the one who is responsible for a certain individual's 16 years of hounding and hating {of numerous former members/musical artists, all in sequential order of fixation} on this site{and other sites too..apparently}.
What a legacy.
I'm so proud of myself.

dhajjieboy wrote:
I respect your right to be an odious form of life.....i do, but leave me out of your hate filled and racist diatribes. You clearly have not left behind your former nazi/satanic ideologies.

I think that you should know that i may at any moment today, post a response to you....only you....just you...
So don't leave your keyboard for even a moment...
You might miss out.....
I'm even considering stroking your ego with some nice creamy lotion...
It could happen at any moment!
Love Dhajjie

I might add he posted this same message at least two times. Not only a troll but a spam merchant...

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