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Musicians Wanted For A Gig - 01/20/17
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Edited Jan 15, 2017, 05:08
Musicians Wanted For A Gig - 01/20/17
Jan 14, 2017, 22:56
I read this article.


And then inspired, wrote this. Fairly amusing I suppose, if it weren't so serious.

Where: Washington DC, United States of America.

Q - Sounds good. Where exactly?

A - Outside a big building with lots of people there inside and out.

Q - Will it be on the local radio station?

A - Almost certainly.

Q - Can we only play covers, or our own songs too?

A - You can play anything you want.

Q - Even Mexican songs?

A - We usually draw the line at that, but on this occasion, hell why not!

Q - Will we get paid in beer or in real money?

A - Depends on the stock market, and your willingness to suck ass and be misguided.

Q - If we get paid in real money, will our band have to pay taxes on our earnings for the gig?

A - No, well, yes. It's easy. You fill out a form and declare it. Hang on a minute...

Q - Have you asked any other musicians, singers or bands? We could sure do with the money, as we are really broke, live on hand-outs and our black/mexican main songwriter was shot recentely and we couldn't afford the medical bills to save her life.

A - No, We came to you people specifically, as you people are the best band in town that night.

Q - Is this the Presidential Inauguration gig where everybody is supposed to feel optimistic, proud of their country and with hope and compassion?

A - Yes

Well fuxx you then! Find someone else.

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