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Presidential Debate. Part 3
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phallus dei
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Re: Presidential Debate. Part 3
Oct 21, 2016, 14:07
Hillary Clinton is a detestable person who's well on track to be America's Thatcher. Although unlike Thatcher she's also managed to delude the "left" into following her.
Trump is a buffoon but given the incredibly corrupt and money-driven nature of American politics, the only way you can ever have a real threat to the establishment is to be independently wealthy and just not give a fuck, which pretty much necessitates said candidate being a douche.
The only other way to threaten the establishment would be for a huge mass movement to begin an independent, well-planned, and long-term effort to force the government to make serious changes (or overthrow it). But since the left has largely abandoned the Leninist concept of a vanguard party for decentralized, spontaneous uprisings that go nowhere, I don't see that happening.
One thing this election has really made clear is just how controlled and Orwellian the media has become. Of course it was controlled before, but never quite so obvious. The past few days CBS and CNN have both conveniently "lost" their satellite feed just as people were bringing up the latest Wikileaks revelations.
We are living in very dangerous times,and I have the feeling it is about to get much worse.

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