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Julian Assange - Wikileaks
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phallus dei
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Edited Nov 26, 2016, 16:49
Re: Julian Assange - Wikileaks
Nov 26, 2016, 16:48
Sin Agog wrote:
Also want to point out that virtually every comment to any vid involving a woman is rife with horrendous, excoriating bile. I mean a recent example would be there was this comedian Amy Schumer who got caught out possibly joke-stealing, and Iegions of men, probably angry that they can't get their pick of the female crop, sliced and diced her. You're acting as if saying anything the least unseemly about a woman- "Good lord, you have the mien of a slatternly scullery maid!"- will result in public scorn. No, it's all over the place. Women in the public eye are seen as women first, people second. Men can generally just do their thang and be taken as individuals. Sure, Hilary shouldn't have played that come on, sistahs! card, it was conniving nonsense that probably lost her points if anything, but that doesn't mean to say that blokes shouldn't hold back on anonymously hurling globs of venom at any women they see.

Hilary Clinton deserves all the venom that can be hurled on her. This "woman advocate" helped to destroy Libya and destabilize Syria - secular nations where women were treated well (in comparison to the rest of the ME), and where now they are suffering under Isis. This "woman advocate" used her "charity" to plunder Haiti, bringing thousands of already destitute families into an even worse condition. She co-planned the coup in Honduras,making sure that that poor country would remain a US colony. Saudi Arabia, which has an abysmal record on women, is one of her biggest donors. Criticizing Hilary Clinton is not hurting the cause of women. Supporting Hilary Clinton, on the other hand, is.
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