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Julian Assange - Wikileaks
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: Julian Assange - Wikileaks
Nov 25, 2016, 14:57
phallus dei wrote:
Sin Agog wrote:
Markoid wrote:
Sin Agog wrote:
stray wrote:
He's even said the wall on the Mexican border is actually going to be mostly fences.

Hopefully it stops those pesky Mexican goats from taking pasturage from hard-working U.S. grazing animals.

That wall, or fence would cost billions upon billions. And it wouldn't work anyway. Migration is in the mind, not via physical walls. But, if Trump wants to pay for it, then possibly he should start paying his taxes first, instead of strangling the poor in USA.

It is mad that a guy who partakes in asset-stripping, outrageous misogny, denigrating the disabled and disempowered, turning all of humanity's baser elements into a virtue, and worst of all running for fucking president solely because Obama made him feel small at a White House correspondent's dinner, has convinced such a huge section of the populace that he is the clarion call for right-on change. He is a shark-eyed narcissist, and the change he represents is entrenching ourselves further into the establishment's values (accrue, accrue, accrue). Look at any paper; the establishment's ethos is to place bright red crosshairs upon the heads of people who haven't the wherewithal or means to defend themselves. I always find myself overcome every time I walk past a newsstand. It's just a litany of hate. 'course the human embodiment of all that gets elected. I used to listen to some of his appearances on the Howard Stern show years ago, and I got the impression then that he was good at one or two things, namely getting what he wants and gaining power, but besides from that he struck me as a bit of a cipher. Fuck him gently with a chainsaw.

But he's still tons better than Hillary Clinton!

Hmm. I dunno, man. I've already started noticing the racists talking a couple of decibels louder in public. I'm not talking anti-immigration here but real colour and race-hating. I find politics can feel a bit abstract for me, but that hits me on a personal, quotidian level, and I'm sure it's a direct result of feeling like they've been officially vindicated by the leader of the free world being on the same page as them.
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