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Mark Steel nails it on Question Time a few days ago about Austerity measures
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Mark Steel nails it on Question Time a few days ago about Austerity measures
Nov 15, 2016, 17:21
Hobo Man Joe wrote:
Hm. Yes. Although when he says "What part of democracy don't the panel understand?" I was begging her, or any of them, to say "What part of representative, parliamentary democracy do YOU not understand?"

Sure, let's have Brexit. Sure! But can we do it in the safest way that's going to be best for everyone? We elect MPs to work this stuff out for us, not to jsut blindly do what we say.

They have blindly and slavishly ignored the job they were voted in to do and

She wasn't actually talking about "doing it in the way that is going to be best for everyone". The EU has never been about everyone. Or about doing the best for the populations of the countries which are members. It has always served Banks, Corporations and Big Business. National Economies, National Industries and National Resources are quietly dismantled and hoovered out by silent ram-raids (why is SE, East and Central Regional Water mostly owned by Morgan Stanley? And Sutton and East Surrey owned by the Sumitomo Corporation? That's not racist by the way, just questioning why at the end of 40-odd years in the EU much of the UK's natural resources are owned by foreign Multinational Corporations). They have no interest in you or I, beyond what they can syphon out of you bank account in return for supplying you with something you once owned.

The very idea that the wummin in green was in any way genuinely trying to save "British Jobs" in the face of what Labour and Tory have done to British Jobs over the last 20 years is laughable. I heard a Labour MP straight-faced state that Labour Party in Scotland wanted to see the "expansion of Food Banks".
If she had replied as you suggest... she would have lost her seat at the next election. I predict with the attitude she demonstrated she has lost it anyway. The oversimplistic notion that anyone who has been heartily sickened by and can see the EU for what it is... is somehow being stupid or narrow-minded simply doesn't stick.

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