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Presidential debate pt. 2
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Edited Oct 16, 2016, 01:51
Re: Presidential debate pt. 2
Oct 16, 2016, 01:45
sanshee wrote:
What I don't understand is it didn't take the latest 'revelations' to prove what an emotionally immature, inarticulate *arsehole* Donald Trump is.
It's fairly obvious.
I don't even know if he can be called 'dangerous', to harbour malevolent thoughts and intentions would require him first to have 'thoughts'.
I don't even believe he was ever central to his own 'business success', someone else must have been doing everything for him.
What we get over here is a sense there are millions who want to vote for him because they want something/anything that isn't what they have now.

Trump is articulate, just not enough.

I've studied the US electoral for many a year. It really is a joke now. Even worse than the UK system. The checks and balances are defunct. I don't think anybody would argue now.

Get into power and then fuck up. Not the other way round! Seems to be the way.

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