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Hey, guess what
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Re: Hey, guess what
Oct 09, 2016, 17:38
Markoid wrote:
Fossil fuels were seen as a good idea in the UK through the industrial revolution. Total pollution. Remember Coal not Dole? Fracking is worth looking into. Why not? The good thing is, that it brings down oil prices. And oil prices have created too many economic wars, hence less people being exploited and killed. It's makes economic sense, if the landscape is protected.

Nuclear energy is cheaper too. The cold war is over.

That maybe so but experiences abroad re fracking don't seem to be that positive so far. That's not really my whole point though. The fact is that fracking in Lancashire was vetoed twice by the County Council ( democratically), & has been widely protested by folks thereabout & this has been utterly disregarded & bulldozed through..now if the supporters of fracking (more particularly in the political skein ) want the experiment to occur in their back yard, so be it. But they don't seem to be suggesting that in the Home Counties do they?
I'm a bit surprised with you Markoid, seeing as Scotland has been so radically shafted in the past. You know, it doesn't matter Blackpool & environs. They're either too desperate for work, or out of it, to matter. Let's experiment. Chip on my shoulder, moi?

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