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that woman
Oct 05, 2016, 19:38
What was all that guff in her speech? We care about the poor and trodden-on. We think company bosses shouldn't be so naughty. We think social mobility is brilliant. We don't like division (unless it's sarcasm about Boris Johnson apparently). We think patriotism is great and The People Should Be Listened To. Oh yes and you want grammar schools don't you so grammar schools for all they're BRILLIANT AND YOU'RE GETTING THEM

What is all this nonsense, even as she's saying it she must be thinking 'ah this is what the plebs want to hear' and everyone in the conference must be thinking 'this is total guff I disagree with but it is what the stupid plebs want to hear'.

how stupid do they think we are - they're the centre ground, you what?? they just keep moving rightwards... onward with austerity, out with the foreigners.

how many times do we have to listen to all these obvious lies - oh yes every effing time because people are so gullible... oh must we, must we AGAIN???

sorry, I clearly didn't shout 'bollocks' at the radio enough earlier to get it out of my system. sorry.
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