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OooH..! Yew mutta Fyukin' Whares !!
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Edited Aug 31, 2016, 17:56
Re: OooH..! Yew mutta Fyukin' Whares !!
Aug 31, 2016, 17:28
Well, u-know, they're not all entirely unrelated. The E.U. has a long history of attempting to stymie commercial encroachment into the environment, and so does Corbyn. Sometimes it is as simple as seeing which is the side of the angels on certain causes, then sticking with them through all inclement weather. I get that you're doing your old "HH has failed me" shtick*, but sometimes something's so wrong that there's no room for argument or debate. Everone here thinks it's horrible, whether one or two people say so, or fifty. The thing is, I suspect even if we came up with definitive, incontrovertible proof that cetaceans and other animals are capable of complex emotions and extreme suffering, we'd still keep them ensnared in the industrial machine, because we're humans and to us everything, including other humans, is a tool, and tools must be put to use.

*although that said I sometimes think the difference between being a follower of celebrities and a follower of politics is at least with the former you get to see a bit of skin on occasion. Far too much political discourse is centred on this and that thing the major players have worn, or said, or done, and the issues tend to get pushed out of the picture. It drags life-changing events down to the level of football debate, or scatting about the latest Kanye soundbite; conversation-fodder with the sting taken out of its tail.

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