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Prague TV film
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Moon Cat
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Re: Prague TV film
Oct 06, 2000, 13:59
Yes indeed. To the West the ousting of Slobo is the righteous anger of the peasantry deposing a ruthless tyrant after a decade of being ground under his iron heel. The IMF protest was a bunch of crusties kicking off about stuff.
How strange that these "views" appeared within minutes of each other. At least the Prague programme was the most fair representation of the Anti-Capitalist protests I've seen on telly so far, which isn't saying much I know.
I find it really annoying that the TV always focuses on the people that are going to come across as the "protesting archetypes" for the majority of the interviews etc. You know; hippy dudes, earth-mother types, lets talk to him he's got a faceful of metal etc. Not that these are not cool folks (you should see that state of me) but to the Daily Mail massive, they are just the sort of "unwashed rioters" that fuel their twisted POV.
Where are the (and I use this only in regard to media representation) the normal joes? You know, like when the road and woodland protests were headline stuff here the media focused on the likes of Swampy 'cos he fit the protesting mould. And yet the fact that matrons of middle England were ALSO protesting gets swept under the carpet. Why? Because yer blue rinse brigade simply don't do that sort of thing. The image of the traditionally cosy and apathetic middle age Sunday Roasters side by side with Swampy et al. is guaranteed to put the shits up The MAN. So don't show it. Unity scares people sometimes.
Cack ain't it?
Be cool.

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