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Massacre in Nice
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Massacre in Nice
Jul 15, 2016, 18:16
Can I ask a stupid question. I know that maniac in Nice had to be stopped before he killed even more people, it's just unimaginably appalling a scene. But if you shoot these people, you never get to hear their reasoning. I can't think what possible reasoning a person could have for mowing down hundreds of random people. But without hearing his rationale how do you go about tackling the whole issue? Do you just put it down to 'terrorism' and that it's what terrorists do? This French Woman (can't remember what official capacity) on the radio said that 'many attacks had recently been foiled'. But how can this ever be brought to an end if there's no dialogue? Or are we assuming that "those people" are not able to discuss things, that there is no dialogue possible, that this will go on forever?

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