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Re: This.
Jul 10, 2016, 10:29
PMM wrote:

There is lots of insights in that blog - thank you for putting up here. I also found the FB page but to be truthful am a bit nervous of aligning myself to closely with anything political on social media.

I also read thesweetcheat's qualifying comments which were helpful. Why do working people vote for the Tories I wonder ? I know it happens in the town I live which until comparatively recently returned Labour MPs and had a Labour run council - not anymore in spite of my vote.

"It will require doing the hard work, the boring stuff, and an anti-fascism that not just engages in set piece punch ups with the far right but addresses the reason those cunts even exist. Most of all it means a class united, whatever people’s race, colour or creed- with no tolerance for bigotry, including the elite, liberal sneering at the poor that has been all too evident the last few weeks. Because then we might actually start to fucking win some stuff. And that will mean another Europe really is possible."

There has been a lot of sneering going on from all sorts of sources - not just at the poor who 'had nothing to lose' in the Brexit campaign but also at older people in general (by which I mean over 55) who seem to be held directly responsible. Fascism wears many faces and tragically it is often not recognised for what it is.
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