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Jo Cox
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Jo Cox
Jun 17, 2016, 11:13
Some contributors may not have seen it on the US news, but yesterday British Member of Parliament Jo Cox, was shot dead while holding a surgery for her constituents. The shooter appears to have been a sympathiser of the far right Britain First group, which is seeking to eradicate Islam from this country, although other reports suggest he was mentally ill. Guns are far less easy to obtain here, but somehow he managed to get one.

She was 41, in her first term as an MP and was campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU. Previously she had worked for Oxfam and her maiden speech in Parliament was about bringing people from different faiths and ethnic backgrounds together. She voted to let Syrian refugee children who were on their own into this country and campaigned to boost humanitarian aid to Syria.

On the same day, Nigel Farage (leader of the right wing UKIP) unveiled a new poster campaign with direct parallels to one used in Nazi Germany to "highlight" (i.e. demonise) the problem of immigrants to this country.

The far right is getting more and more out of control. If yesterday's shooter had been a Muslim, there would have been no hesitation in labelling him a terrorist. Because he was white, the media is doing everything it can to play down the political angle, despite the fact that the victim was a politician, with publicly expressed political views, and despite the fact that she was almost certainly targeted because of that, regardless of the mental state of the killer.
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