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UK Government planning to repeal animal welfare codes...
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Robot Emperor
Robot Emperor
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UK Government planning to repeal animal welfare codes...
Mar 27, 2016, 22:41
I realise the irony of me being the one to flag this up (and the potentially disastrous financial circumstances for myself - I could just be sacked without any recourse) but this is disgraceful.

The UK government are trying to pass legislation to allow the companies involved in animal raising and slaughter to conduct their own welfare inspections. Getting the foxes to protect the welfare of animals seems a little... odd. The big three or four companies that have hijacked animal slaughter in the UK are devoid of morality as far as profitability is concerned.

The words "non-statutory guidance on how to comply with legislation" should ring all sorts of alarm bells with anyone concerned with the welfare of animals industrially farmed in the UK. All the meagre gains made in the last twenty years are effectively being swept away in a seemingly innocuous bill.

These companies really are devoid of any morality. Any corner will be cut, any profitable blind eye will be turned. This really must be fought against - tooth and claw, beak and claw, tooth and hoof... hand and foot.

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