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Brussels ........
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Robot Emperor
Robot Emperor
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Edited Mar 22, 2016, 15:43
Re: Brussels ........
Mar 22, 2016, 15:05
dhajjieboy wrote:
What can i say?
I've been told numerous times here on this forum that all this 'stuff' is just "conspiricy theory" or just me being a "racist".....
and the like.
Better to just keep my head in the sand or just back up my own ass for even daring to broach the subject.
Have a cup of tea and carry on....
Sad sad world.
Gonna get sadder too.
{i know.....'Dhajjie is a cunt!'}

But you're not saying anything. You're, for some unfathomable reason, trying to make an atrocity about yourself and your selfless fight for your truth to be recognised on this site as some unquestionable authority. You freak me out more than a little. Not a cunt yet, just someone leading himself into odd pointless arguments and self justifications. Problems at home?

For my part I believe we have somehow managed to help birth a millennial death cult, a terrorist movement with no clear aims or targets, just terror for terrors sake. How to combat that is the million dollar question. I suspect it is one of those situations where whatever is done will have consequences which will always lead to the conclusion that the wrong thing has been done.

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