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Oct 02, 2000, 11:53
anybody who's heard about Imutran and their xeno-transplantation experiments might be interested in the email I've just received ... McLibel 2 anybody?



Dear Sirs,We understand that you have recently received material from Uncaged
Campaigns Limited, an organisation opposed to xenotransplantation.
That material has been compiled from a large amount of confidential
documents and, in many instances, from documents protected by copyright,
that have been stolen from Imutran and its commercial partners by persons
as yet unknown (though we emphasise that we do not suggest they were stolen
by Uncaged Campaigns). The documents contain commercially sensitive
scientific data and other commercially confidential information. In
addition, they contain the names of a number of our employees, ex-employees
and associates and we are concerned for their personal safety as result ofthis.
On Tuesday 26 September 2000 our lawyers obtained a Court Order preventing
the publication of our confidential information and infringement of our
copyright. The purpose of this letter is to notify you of that Order, and
to inform you that we will take whatever steps are necessary to prevent
further illegitimate dissemination of our confidential information and
infringement of our copyrights.
You are hereby put on notice of that Court Order and further dissemination
by you could be treated as contempt of Court.
Please note that the only exceptions to the protection granted by the Court
Order relate to the republication of information contained in articles in
the Daily Express on Thursday and Friday of last week, and the provision of
information and documents to the relevant authorities. We do not seek to
stifle public debate about xenotransplantation, or proper investigation by
the appropriate authorities of allegations which have been made about this
company's activities. We do however need to protect commercially sensitive
scientific data, other commercially confidential information and the safety
of our employees.Yours faithfully,Corinne SavillFor and on behalf of
IMUTRAN LIMITEDRegistered Office:Douglas House18 Trumpington RoadCambridge
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